[pkg-lighttpd] New Channel Manager connected to hundreds of OTAs from YieldPlanet

YieldPlanet.com Channel Manager newsletter at yieldplanet.com
Thu Jan 29 12:04:50 UTC 2015

YieldPlanet new features  [See the online version](http://r.yield-planet.com/krb1h0cjl1zf.html)      [ ](http://r.yield-planet.com/2b185w198jl1zd.html)

[YieldPlanet](http://r.yield-planet.com/2b185w21ojl1zd.html) offers connection to nearly 300 Online Travel Agents, Thousands of web sites, dozens of PMS and CRS systems!

Very good news - YieldPlanet has upgraded its analytics module - allowing hotels to better analyze their reservations and make pricing decisions in channel manager.

From now on the hotel can compare performance of reservations now vs a year ago at the same time. The hotel can filter the reservations by:
- room type
- rate plan
- dates of arrival

This allows the hotel not only to see the overall occupancy but also can track individual performance of rate plans e.g: non refundable rate plan.

If you would like to learn more about those features please visit [www.yieldplanet.com ](http://r.yield-planet.com/2b185w2u4jl1zd.html) or email [sales at yieldplanet.com](mailto:sales at yieldplanet.com).

We will be happy to show you the demo of our software.


[​YieldPlanet](http://r.yield-planet.com/2b185w3mkjl1zd.html) has released new features in the interactive calendar for the booking engine

The new interactive calendar for YieldPlanet allows the customer to see:
- availability for any month of the year
- best rates for any given day

The calendar now has options to filter results by:
- rate plan type
- number of adults
- room type

This is a powerful feature if the hotel has customers who want to shop around and look for the dates where it is more cost effective to stay at the hotel.

We want to stress that YieldPlanet has many other products that are suitable for hotels including:

- Price Shopper - This is a product used by hotels all over the world and creates sophisticated reports on pricing of your competition on Online Travel Agents, Wholesellers, Meta Search web sites. It analyzes price trends, page placement.

- Price Optimiser - This is a state of the art product that helps hotels with their pricing analysis as well as market analysis.

- Booking Engine - This is a product that enables hotels to receive reservations thru their web sites.

To inquire regarding any of those products please visit www.yieldplanet.com. Please email [sales at yieldplanet.com](mailto:sales at yieldplanet.com) to
learn more about any of those products.

Best Wishes,

[YieldPlanet](http://r.yield-planet.com/2b185w4f0jl1zd.html) Marketing Team

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