[Pkg-lirc-maint] lirc-0.8.1pre3

Héctor García Álvarez hector at debian.org
Mon Dec 4 17:50:33 CET 2006

El lun, 04-12-2006 a las 00:02 +0000, Stephen Gran escribió:
> Well, I've got a first blush "it compiles" test run done.  There are
> still some packaging changes to be done to make even the regular binary
> packages (not the kernel source stuff) work out of the box, but I'm
> basically there.  So, time for some questions.
> The patches in debian/patches:
> Why are we hardcoding kernel versions?
We are not really hardcoding them, just adding especific patch for each

> Why are we reproducing entire kernel functions (both .c and .h files)?
Because upstream needs more files than the ones added on the headers

> Can we do better?  I would like to get to the point where we can just
> say #include foo/bar.h - I realize that may be some time off, but we can
> do better than we are now.
Well, that is what we are doing, but foo/bar.h doesn't exits, so we have
to do it that way.
Besides this, the api in the kernel changes from time to time, so lirc
upstream cannot do better either.

> Also, does anyone already have a decent working relationship with
> lirc upstream?  I'd like to push at least the manpage patch upstream
> (hopefully more, over time), but it would be nice if it came from someone
> who already had a working relationship with them.  I have reworked it
> to apply to the new upstream and will commit it shortly, but before I
> go and make a fool of myself barging in, I thought I'd ask if anyone
> already has a decent working relationship with them.
Amaya has a pretty good relationship with upstream, but he would take
any path as long as it fixes a bug.



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