[Pkg-lirc-maint] Bug#373871: IR Transmitting broke (ubuntu dapper pulling debian package))

Amaya amaya at debian.org
Mon Dec 25 11:00:28 CET 2006

found 373871 0.8.0-9
retitle 373871 lirc: IR Transmitting broken with both mceusb2 and serial modules

Hi Mario!

Mario Limonciello wrote:
> I didn't install directly using your guys' ISO, but I debootstrap'ed
> off your mirrors and installed linux-image-2.6.18-3-686 (version
> 2.6.18-7) for my netboot.  (Can I say painless installation even for
> NFS root :)) 

That's what I call quick!

> I installed lirc 0.8.0-9 and built both the mceusb2 and serial modules
> to test with.
> MCEUSB2 transmitting support isn't in your guys' build as its a CVS
> only thing, so couldn't verify that.  Serial support has the exact
> same problem.  I viewed using my digital camera to make sure it was
> really sending pulses, and indeed it was - just not valid data.  0%
> success rate this time around (earlier in the thread I had some
> limited success).

Thanks for the input! I sadly lack the hardware to really be helpful
with this, but I sure can provide you with packages that attempt to fix
your problem.
> I'll keep this etch testing install around to help kill this bug :)

Please do. Fixing this will help all Debian and Ubuntu users in the end

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