Bug#404505: [Pkg-lirc-maint] Bug#404506: Not closing this bugreport

Amaya amaya at debian.org
Thu Dec 28 07:09:33 CET 2006

Gerhard Brauer wrote:
> This as PM, i won't fill the BTS with "private speech" ;-)

I am replying to the bug, as I don't agree that this is "noise".

The BTS is a good tool to keep track of all the info, and lirc is group
maintained, so this way the whole group gets your email, not just me :)

This way, your chances of getting the issues fixed sooner increase, and
we can help you better.

> Oh, at moment i see it in state "Waiting for submitter" and read your
> last question to Anthony "Is the problem fixed for you?".
> That caused an "internal kernel panic" on me ;-)

Sorry, I never thought this tag would scare anyone. It's just for me to
know at a glance which bugs are answered to and which bugs are "just
there forever" without any further input. In this case, the "Waiting for
submitter" tag goes away, a confirmed tag should be added, as both of
you, reporters of what I believe is the same bug, are both responsive
and still experiencing this bug.

> I think you're absolutly right with your suggestions in your answer. I
> don't know if lirc-modules is a high-frequently used package (i don't
> use it) but like maintainers of many other packages:

You can see what Popularity Contest (popcon for short) has to say about
it here: http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?popcon=lirc (in short, lirc
and friends are installed 12.757 times). Scary ;)

> I feel you do a quite good job.

Thank you, we also appreciate your work as in: 
- testing lirc
- doing what we documented you should do, then failing to get a working
- resisting the frustration and the urge to send us the black helipcopters
- submitting helful bug reports instead, dealing with overworked
  maintainers, and
- being extremely patient waiting for fixes ;)

Thanks, for bearing with us!

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