[Pkg-lirc-maint] Bug#373871: [lirc] Debian bug #373871 - Are you still seeing this?

Amaya amaya at debian.org
Sun Jul 30 19:34:06 UTC 2006

Mario L wrote:
> Still having the troubles - but I Have a minor update to complicate
> things.


> I attempted this on a roomate's laptop that has a serial port.
> Installed again from a fresh updated dapper.  Grabbed the same lirc
> debs that I built on my other x86 machine, threw them on there and
> grabbed the same conf files.  The thing works no hitch. 

Sorry, what do you mean by "The thing works no hitch"? 

> I dont know what to make of this now considering the fact.  I
> recompiled lirc in debug mode and verified that the same things are
> being sent out of each computer with a diff of the output log.  Its
> verbose the same (other then times being sent :))

Having that log might help me submit a more complete report for
upstream, do you still have it?

> I'm really thinking this must be related to some sort of timing issue,
> perhaps this laptop of my roomate's doesn't support some kind of
> higher speed clocking that my desktop and myth machine both do.

No idea.

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