Bug#399135: [Pkg-lirc-maint] Bug#399135: lirc-modules-source build failed on 2.6.19

Amaya amaya at debian.org
Sat Nov 18 09:39:47 CET 2006

Hi there, Steve

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Adding forward support for new kernel versions is not a hanging
> offense, last time I checked.  Just breaking support for the current
> kernel...

I was already reprimmended twice for sponsoring new upstream versions,
even if those closed RC bugs, by Zobel. I have this strange feeeling
that there are german black helicopters heading my way :)

I am not extremely happy to release Etch with a CVS version of lirc,
even if they tend to be pretty stable and good quality, because the one
we have now in testing works pretty well.

Once Etch is released or 2.6.19 enters unstable, we will change lirc to
support it, not any sooner. Unless I am forced to :)

And thanks for your amazing RM work! I am your #1 fan! 

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