[Pkg-lirc-maint] LIRC 0x71 device not found for Hauppauge PVR150 due to I2C_HW_B_CX2341X I2c definition change in 2.6.17 kernel from old I2C_HW_B_BT848

Jim Heck jsurf at heckheck.com
Mon Sep 25 20:49:13 UTC 2006

Now that the 2.6.17 kernel has gone mainstream (at least in Debian 
testing distro), I expect a lot of people will find that their builds of 
the current distributions of LIRC source code (like lirc-modules-source 
in Debian unstable and testing) no longer work.  It looks like the 
problem is related to a change in the definition for the I2C chip in the 
2.6.17 kernel that was found back in June according to this e-mail 
thread I found.

The latest LIRC CVS tree has the needed changes as found in this source 
diff for the lirc_i2c.c file.

I was lucky enough to find that old e-mail thread and I applied the 
above diff to my Debian source package lirc-modules-source (0.8.0-7), 
and now everything is happy and working for my PVR150.  Perhaps it is 
time for an update of the official lirc package as the last one appears 
from the lirc.org website to have been lirc-0.8.0 on 21-Jan-2006 (thus 
not including the needed changes).  I guess the distro source packages 
(or at least Debian) follow the official release.


-Jim Heck

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