[Pkg-lirc-maint] Bug#436166: Bug#436166: Progress notes

Stephen Gran sgran at debian.org
Thu Aug 23 22:52:00 UTC 2007

This one time, at band camp, Loïc Minier said:
> On Sat, Aug 11, 2007, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > bttv.h is a 'private' header, and not included in the kernel headers
> > shipped in Debian.  This is why there is an attempt at versioned bttv.h
> > headers in lirc itself.  It's a bad hack, but I'm not sure what else can
> > be done.
>  Ok, thanks for the explanations.  I guess there are different ways to
>  handle this issue:
>  1) make the header public and ship it in the kernel headers; not sure
>  this is likely to happen, no idea of the policy for such stuff
>  2) ship the header in lirc; doesn't sound like a good idea
>  3) document that you need a full kernel tree -- and not just kernel
>  headers -- to build the lirc modules; wouldn't help our users that much
>  I'm afraid
>  4) 3 + automatically select the modules that can be built
>  I think it would be best to prepare the newest upstream release first,
>  and see what upstream recommends on this matter.
>  I was happy to cleanup the packaging of lirc, but I can't really
>  prepare an upstream myself as I don't own any lirc-supported hardware;
>  I hope another person of the lirc team can prepare the new upstream
>  release and test it until we revisit this issue.

I started on some packaging work, but I'm afraid it was too ambitious
and I've backed off as, as I really just don't have the time.  I'm happy
to stay involved in a low level way, and I will certainly test new
packages, but I am realizing I can't take responibility for it.  Real
life is just starting to intrude too much, I'm afraid.
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