[Pkg-lirc-maint] Bug#655969: lirc: prompting due to modified conffiles which where not modified by the user

Ivo De Decker ivo.dedecker at ugent.be
Fri Apr 11 21:03:44 UTC 2014

Control: tags -1 squeeze wheezy


On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 11:16:26PM +0000, Stefan Lippers-Hollmann wrote:
> > Anyway, as the postinst in wheezy does not appear to modify the config
> > file, it appears that further upgrades should not have this problem.
> > Given that the bug was tagged squeeze-ignore and wheezy-ignore, perhaps
> > it can now be closed?
> I certainly won't object against closing this bug, especially as 
> neither squeeze nor wheezy will be changed in this regard anymore
> (most users actually using lirc, would have needed to adapt their
> configuration for kernel >= 2.6.37 anyways[2], when lirc was merged
> into the kernel and several modules moved from lirc to RC_CORE). 
> However technically speaking, squeeze is still supported until roughly
> 2014-05-06 (depending on the actual EOL date to be announced by the 
> stable release team) - and squeeze to wheezy upgrades also remain 
> affected. While technically not correct either, it might make sense to 
> drop its severity below the RC threshold though, to avoid bug squashers
> from wasting time on this though.
> On the other hand there will be an upload, with the afforementioned bug
> closures soon (for some value of 'soon', probably before the middle of
> the year), which requires some adaptions to these pending changes (in 
> order to provide native systemd units, the sysv initscripts will have 
> to be split into individual initscripts for lirc, lircmd and irexec, so
> the (to be added) systemd units can mask the corresponding initscripts 
> properly[3]) - and it's best to avoid needless/ forseeable conffile 
> churn until this is settled.

As the bug is present in version 0.9.0~pre1-1, which is in wheezy, jessie and
sid, but apparently doesn't affect jessie and sid, it probably makes sense to
use release tags to indicate which releases are affected by this bug. This
will indicate that the bug doesn't affect jessie, but it does affect squeeze
and wheezy (even though it's also ignored for both releases).

When the actual upload happens, version tracking will be updated, indicating
that the newer version also isn't affected.



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