[Pkg-lirc-maint] Bug#860551: Bug#860551: lircd-0.9.4c[845]: Error: Cannot glob /sys/class/rc/rc0/input[0-9]*/event[0-9]*

Alec Leamas leamas.alec at gmail.com
Fri May 5 08:48:38 UTC 2017

I have done some more testing. It seems that on a system with 
lircd.socket started but no clients running this logging does not occur. 
Which means that the the excessive logging is the result of some client 
repeatedly trying to access the lircd socket, but is denied since lircd 
disconnects without a working driver. It could be argued that a 
reasonable client shouldn't try to reconnect this way.

It could also be argued that the lircd socket should not be available if 
there is no working driver. Or that it should not disconnect in this 
situation, basically keeping a mute socket alive. At this point, I 
cannot really understand all the consequences of such changes, so I 
prefer to keep things like they are (debian users has a lot of changes 
to handle anyway after the 0.9.4 update). Furthermore, any change like 
this should be handled upstream.

The basic conclusion seems to be the same: lircd does nothing wrong, and 
provides simple means (stop lircd.socket) to cope with the problem.


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