[Pkg-lirc-maint] Bug#872375: lirc: irrecord segfaults when recording a button

Alec Leamas leamas.alec at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 16:41:52 UTC 2017

On 24/09/17 16:12, Francois Gouget wrote:

>>> Now as to why I have driver=devinput in lirc_options.conf, it's because
>>> it's the only way I found to get my remote to work. Setting
>>> driver=default driver does not work and if I only provide
>>> devinput.lircd.conf and no Hauppauge_PVR350.conf file then it does not
>>> work either.
>> I think you really need to take a step back here. The way you use lirc does
>> not match the official guidelines in [1], which you probably need to check.
> Right. The default configuration and the official guidelines don't work.
> * I used the devinput.lircd.conf provided by the package, together with
>    driver = devinput and my remote wouldn't work.

The default configuration is, well, the default one. It's not guaranteed 
to work, but do work in a lot of cases (i. e., when the remote is 
supported by the kernel). Your statement that the official guidelines 
doesn't work needs a citation, so to speak.

I note that you seemingly havn't used mode2 (?) This is the tool to 
determine what kind of data the kernel makes available to lirc which in 
the end determines what driver to use. This is described in the 
configuration guide.

> * I ran lirc-make-devinput as recommended by irrecord to generate a new
>    devinput.lircd.conf file, still using driver=devinput, and the remote
>    still wouldn't work.
> * Seconds after I regenerated the devinput.lircd.conf with
>    lirc-make-devinput, lircd complained that it is outdated:
> Sep 24 01:33:47 habsheim lircd[1039]: lircd-0.10.0[1039]: Warning: Obsolete devinput config file used
> Sep 24 01:33:47 habsheim lircd[1039]: lircd-0.10.0[1039]: Notice: Use the distributed devinput.lircd.dist by renaming it.
> Sep 24 01:33:47 habsheim lircd[1039]: lircd-0.10.0[1039]: Notice: Or use irdb-get to search for "devinput" and download it.

These messages are actually misleading. I will look into this. That 
said, they are not blocking.

> * With both versions of the devinput.lircd.conf lircd complained that
>    all buttons were duplicated, which makes sense since they appear in
>    both the devinput-32 and devinput-64 remotes.

Yes, but these are just "notice" messages. They can be ignored in this case.
> * Now I finally got the remote to work with the default driver (i.e. not
>    devinput (despite it being the default driver)) 

Happy to hear that it works for you!

> but I had to recreate
>    the remote configuration file from scratch as the one I used with lirc
>    0.9.4c wouldn't work. The official guidelines don't talk about that
>    incompatibility either.

Actually, there shouldn't be anything incompatible between 0.9.4c and 
0.10.0. This seems strange...

> * Oh, and for the remote configuration files comment lines must have a
>    '#' in the first column. Put spaces before and the configuration file
>    breaks. If that's documented somewhere then I did not find where.

It's in the lircd.conf(4) manpage...

> So crashes in irrecord? No one will notice that bit of brittleness.

I definitely agree that the crash is a bug. If I could reproduce it (or 
get a proper stacktrace) we might make a try to fix it. At least, we 
could augment the message with the fact that irrecord might crash. 
However, besides this the state of this bug is basically "wontfix".


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