Script for loop-AES key generation

Jari Ruusu jariruusu at
Tue Nov 14 08:58:43 CET 2006

Max Vozeler wrote:
> Let me know if you encounter any problems using it or have
> suggestions/patches for improvement. :-)

There have been few cases where v3 key file and v2 losetup/mount were used
to set up a file system, and after upgrade to v3 losetup/mount, mounting the
file system failed. There is a warning about this problem in loop-AES README
file, but not everyone reads README files.

May I suggest adding a check that losetup is recent enough. Something like

    strings /sbin/losetup | grep -q -s multi-key-v3
    if [ $? != 0 ] ; then
        echo "too old losetup version"

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