[Pkg-lustre-maintainers] [Pkg-net-snmp-devel] please fix net-snmp in debian

Patrick Winnertz winnie at debian.org
Sun Dec 16 21:35:30 UTC 2007

Am Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2007 16:06:45 schrieben Sie:
> Hi Patrick,
> > The reason is (as you should know) a dependency on a package which
> > isn't available in debian.
> Nope. If you refer to [1] which seems to indicate a dependency on
> libkvm-dev would be a problem, please have a
> closer look at [2]. This package is only needed on *bsd and this
> dependecy exists in stable as well (see [3]).
Yeah.. I've taken a closer look at it before I wrote you my first mail.

The point is:
 - it is indeed only needed on kfreebsd-*, but it is not available on this 
arches, not even in stable.. This package doesn't even exist in the debian 
pool for any arch. 

This will make the package ftbfs on kfreebsd-* and will prevent the 
migration of net-snmp to testing. If you like we can meet us at 
#debian-devel.de to discuss things there (but then we should find a time 
to meet there.. I'm most of my time in university.)

My suggestion is to remove the build-dep on libkvm-dev, since there is no 
such package to depend on. 


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