[Pkg-lustre-maintainers] Status of 1.6.2 packaging?

Goswin von Brederlow brederlo at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Sep 13 13:18:05 UTC 2007

Niklas Edmundsson <Niklas.Edmundsson at hpc2n.umu.se> writes:

> On Sat, 8 Sep 2007, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> A simpler way is to use svn-buildpackage. You have to checkout trunk
>> and cd to it and then just run svn-buildpackage with the same
>> arguments you would give to dpkg-buildpackage.
> OK. I went the svn-buildpackage route, with:
> svn-buildpackage --svn-ignore -rfakeroot -ksysop at hpc2n.umu.se -tc -sa
> However, I'm getting this a bit into the build process:
> dpkg-deb: parse error, in file `debian/lustre-dev/DEBIAN/control' near
> line 6 package `lustre-dev':
>  `Depends' field, reference to `lustre-utils': error in version:
> version string is empty
> And debian/lustre-dev/DEBIAN/control has:
> Depends: lustre-utils (=  )
> as opposed to debian/control:
> Depends: lustre-utils (= ${binary:Version})
> Any ideas on why? As this is on Ubuntu Dapper, might the reason be
> that the packaging uses some feature not present in the debhelper
> etc. utils? Suggestions on workaround(s)?
> I'm slightly unclued on the finer details of debian packaging, so
> please bear with me ;)

Try to run dh_gencontrol -p lustre-dev manualy or the underlying
dpkg-gencontrol call and see where it goes wrong. At a glance I wouold
guess your dpkg-dev is too old for ${binary:Version} or
something. Cant think how that could be though. I build on etch/stable
just fine.


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