Bug#417938: lvm2create_initrd missing pieces

Phil Dibowitz phil at ipom.com
Sun Apr 29 01:28:58 UTC 2007

I noticed the latest version of lvm2 has hooks for initramfs-tools.

But I have yet to be able to make this work - and there don't appear to be
docs in /usr/share/doc/lvm2.

I've tried passing in 'root=/dev/vg00/root' and 'root=vg00-root' and a
variety of other things, but it always just hangs waiting for the root
filesystem to show up. I never even see the output of "vgchange".

I checked the resultant initrd and it has /scripts/local-top/lvm2 in it, so
it should be working. But unfortunately it's not. A quick glance at the
script is what made me try "vg00-root" based on the sed expression being
used there - that should return 'vg00', my vg. But that didn't work either.

What am I supposed to pass on the kernel command-line?

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