Bug#402511: Device nodes are not removed when devices are brought down

Frans Pop elendil at planet.nl
Wed Jan 17 23:03:36 UTC 2007

severity 402511 normal

Further analysis in http://bugs.debian.org/406697 has shown that the 
reason the /dev/dm-* devices are not removed, is the fact that udevd has 
already been killed by the time the crypto and lvm scripts are run on 
shutdown and thus the events created by the kernel are no longer 
processed as they would be if the system was running normally.

This reduces the severity of this issue, although IMO the warning messages 
currently printed as originally reported should still be avoided.
It remains to be seen what the best solution is for this:
- making sure udev remains running / is restarted, or
- modifying cryptsetup/libdevmapper to remove the /dev/dm-* devices, or
- modifying vgchange to not print the warnings.

It is also still somewhat strange that on shutdown the /dev/mapper/* 
devices _are_ removed for crypto devices, but _not_ for lvm.
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