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(new) multipath-udeb_0.4.8-5_powerpc.udeb extra debian-installer
maintain multipath block device access
 This is a udeb, or a microdeb, for the debian-installer.
 These tools are in charge of maintaining the disk multipath device maps and
 react to path and map events.
Changes: multipath-tools (0.4.8-5) unstable; urgency=low
  * apply kpartx-fix-udev-dmraid.diff to our shipped udev rules too
  * fix itemized list in control file (Closes: #441176)
  * link statically against libaio since it's in /usr/lib and
    multipath{,d} are in /sbin and we can avoid a libaio udeb for now
  * build a udeb for d-i support (Closes: #440334)

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