Bug#422963: Candidate for etch_r2? Potential for upgrade problems with LVM (#422963)

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Thu Sep 20 23:42:18 UTC 2007

tags 422963 +patch

[ Apologies for the delay in this - I should have offered this patch a
  while ago... :-( ]

I helped a friend do an upgrade from sarge to etch a few weekends
back, and we were bitten by this bug along the way - the first time we
rebooted the machine after the kernel upgrade, the system broke; it
was unable to mount any of its filesystems that depended on lvm. He
has striped LVs using the old LVM1 format, and this bug (#422963)

This could potentially leave systems unbootable and difficult to
repair after an upgrade. My friend was lucky - his root fs is not on
LVM, and I was on hand with my laptop and was able to build a quick
backport of the latest upstream LVM code and transfer the newly-built
libraries onto the system using a USB key.

As this could cause nasty surprises for people updating to etch, I
think it's worthwhile backporting the fix from the newer upstream for
a stable update. Patch attached doing exactly that. I've tested this
to confirm it fixes the bug, and it does. No regressions that I can
see either.

CC: to debian-release for SRM opinions - should this go into etch_r2?

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve at einval.com
"You can't barbecue lettuce!" -- Ellie Crane
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