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Tue Mar 3 20:07:18 UTC 2009

Hi guys.

I have a problem here... iSCSI devices with LVM2. My problem is that lvm2
runs vgchange -aln (S50 in rc6). But even if I run this command with the
remaining non-iscsi volumes (I deal with iscsi volumes in the umountiscsi
init), the vgchange command will scan for my iscsi volumes anyway, and hang
the system...

For example :

vol1 non-iscsi
vol2 iscsi

unmount iscsi devices.
run lvchange -aln <device>
Then run vgchange -aln vol2

then stop open-iscsi
then run vgchange -aln vol1.

and voila, system hangs.

Can I just skip this step ? (vgchange -aln). What are the risks? if vgchange
needs all volumes available to run, then I don't see how one can have iscsi
devices (or any network devices) with LVM...

Any ideas here ?

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