Bug#533436: [lvm2] Unable to use use LVM with DRBD block devices as PV

David Heidt david at kulturbeutel.org
Fri Sep 11 09:01:45 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I  just found a workaround:

Create a partition on the drbd device with fdisk or cfdisk and set the
partition type to 8E, which is LVM.

If your newly created partition doesn't show up in /dev/mapper/ or
/dev/disk/ you may use kpartx:

h1:~# kpartx -a <drbd-device>

then you can create your pv on the new partition and continue creating
vgs and lvs.

Still, using the drbd device as pv without partitioning would be nicer.

What's still to be done with this solution is to add the kpartx-command
to system startup so pvscan can find the drbd-partition.
Also your drbd device has to be primary in order for kpartx to work.

Best regards,


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