Bug#564810: Please enable lvm2app lib

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Tue Feb 9 07:37:30 UTC 2010

tags 564810 patch

Luca Bruno wrote:
>> Please consider building lvm2 with the --enable-applib configure
>> switch and packaging the resulting lvm2app library files.
> I'd join this request, as I'm personally interested in it and gparted
> could benefit of this too, soon.
> Please enable it, or let us know if you need additional manpower for
> the package.


please find attached this patch. It does

1.) Add a liblvm2app-dev and liblvm2app2.1 binary package to debian/control
2.) Add liblvm2app2.1.{install,symbols} and liblvm2app-dev.install
3.) Update debian/patches/libs-cleanup.patch, so liblvm2app correctly links
against libdevmapper.
4.) debian/rules
- Pass  --enable-applib to configure in setup-deb
- As liblvm has no separate install target (like e.g. install_lvm2), define a
install-deb-all target which runs make install
- Add install-liblvm2app which takes care of creating the liblvm2app-dev and
liblvm2app2.1 binary package

Patch is tested.

Please consider it in your next upload.


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