Bug#603394: [libdevmapper-dev]

Reiner Herrmann reiner at reiner-h.de
Sat Nov 13 17:23:35 UTC 2010

Package: libdevmapper-dev
Version: No static library available
Severity: normal

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libdevmapper-dev in squeeze/sid doesn't have a static version
of the library (libdevmapper.a).
I needed it to compile a static version of cryptsetup for an

--- System information. ---
Architecture: i386
Kernel:       Linux 2.6.32-5-686

Debian Release: squeeze/sid
  500 unstable        www.debian-multimedia.org
  500 unstable        ftp.de.debian.org
    1 experimental    ftp2.de.debian.org

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Package's Depends field is empty.

Package's Recommends field is empty.

Package's Suggests field is empty.

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