regarding Bug#573073: delay at creating lvm devices

Jonas Meurer jonas at
Sun Sep 26 11:26:22 UTC 2010

reassign 573073 lvm2
block 573073 593625


On 26/09/2010 Milan Broz wrote:
> On 09/25/2010 11:19 PM, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> > On Sep 25, Jonas Meurer <jonas at> wrote:
> > 
> >> the buglog of bug#573073 (filed against cryptsetup) indicates that the
> >> lvm2 initscript at boot process finishes before the devices are actually
> >> created by udev.
> > There is nothing wrong with this.
> > 
> >> i guess this is a general problem concerning several initscripts which
> >> push udev, but it might be able to workaround it by invoking 'udevadm
> >> settle' in lvm2 initscript.
> > No, it's not like we need to make the boot slower by adding more
> > serialization points. The correct solution is to modify cryptsetup to
> > install RUN rules and react to the appropriate events.
> > e.g. (I do not know it this is correct for this specific case):
> > 
> > SUBSYSTEM="block", ID_FS_TYPE="crypto_LUKS", RUN+="..."
> With the upstream dm rules yo do not need special udev rules.
> It is just Debian lvm/device-mapper maintainer who ignores upstream
> udev rules and tries to solve it differently.
> See
> Please do not use udeavadm settle or any workaround here and try
> to use the upstream way.
> cryptsetup simply relies on device mapper udev rules when running
> with udev support (it synchronizes link creation using these rules
> so it cannot happen that you have device but not link in /dev/)
> (DM udev rules are provided by lvm/device-mapper package).

thanks for your comments, Milan. so I guess the bug here is in lvm2
package, which is outdated and doesn't contain latest udev rules, right?
it seems like several bugreport already complain about this: #590665,
#593625, #593375.

reassigning this bugreport to lvm2 package. Bastian, please either
update lvm2 package or backport the udev rules.

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