Bug#555958: Activation of lvm snapshots

Paweł Pawliński 3p at jabster.pl
Sun Aug 21 18:25:55 UTC 2011

> Now we could say "if you request activation of any snapshot, we'll
> activate the origin and other snapshots too" OR "if you request
> activation of a snapshot AND it is the only snapshot of that origin
> we'll activate the origin too".  Is it worth doing either of these?

Activating the origin volume together with all snapshots seems to be the 
most intuitive behavior. In such case the code responsible for detecting 
the origin volume which is added by my patch won't be needed any more. 
Regarding the second option (activating the origin if there is only a 
single snapshot) - it may lead to many problems, e.g. a system may fail 
to boot if the user creates a new snapshot.

In any case, it would be nice if the patch could get into squeeze, since 
it fixes a defect in current initrd scripts and I suppose that the LVM 
changes discussed here won't be backported.


Paweł Pawliński

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