Bug#614353: multipath-tools-boot: upgrade to squeeze breaks machines with root on iscsi

Hanspeter Kunz hkunz at ifi.uzh.ch
Mon Feb 28 16:11:45 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-02-28 at 20:56 +0530, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> On 02/28/2011 08:47 PM, Hanspeter Kunz wrote:
> > Ha! I upgraded to dmsetup from sid. Now it works :)
> I'm glad that your issue is resolved.
> Any ideas what is the delta of dmsetup between squeeze and sid?
> I think this bug should still be assigned to dmsetup targeting the
> squeeze version.

hm, I compared the udev rules. A lot has changed in dm.rules, so I
suspect the isssue was resolved there, but I am not sure.

And yes, I would be great if we could port this back to suqeeze.


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