Bug#655970: Bug #655970: wrong dependencies wrt the initscript?

Nicolas Dandrimont nicolas.dandrimont at crans.org
Sun Feb 19 12:26:13 UTC 2012

retitle 655970 clvm dependency on cman is not tight enough for the initscript


I came across this bug during the Paris BSP, and I can't provide a patch
without having your opinion first.

It seems that the clvm init script depends unconditionnally on the cman
service and on cman-provided binaries. Unfortunately clvm depends on
"corosync | cman", and corosync doesn't provide either the service nor
the binary.

I see a few possible ways out: either tightening the dependency of the
package on cman, loosening the init script dependency, or making the
init script installation conditional on having cman.

What do you think?

Nicolas Dandrimont

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