Bug#659762: LVM locks up, can't do anything.

Tim Connors reportbug at rather.puzzling.org
Sat Jun 2 14:00:32 UTC 2012

severity 659762 important

Don't quite know when it's acceptable to mark a bug as critical, but
"makes unrelated software on the system (or the whole system) break, or
causes serious data loss, or introduces a security hole on systems where
you install the package." is probably satisfied when the system becomes
unusable and needs a reboot because / is an LVM (er, most debian machines
these days given that it's done at install time) and LVM (and all the
filesystems under LVM) has locked up, and so one can't run the dmsetup
commands mentioned in previous comments to.

I've seen this a couple of times now on different systems running 3.2, so
something is fundamentally broken.

Anyone else yearn for the days when Linux used to be reliable?

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just
makes the manuals thicker. --unknown

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