Bug#508544: Must compiled LVM2 with --with-cluster=shared

Stefan Midjich swehack at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 09:41:22 UTC 2012

To get this file you must compile LVM2 with --with-cluster=shared.

I have tried doing this on Debian Squeeze with the source package.

apt-get source clvm
cd lvm2_2.02.66
vim debian/rules

On line 76 make it look like this.

        ./configure CFLAGS="$(CFLAGS)" \
                $(CONFIGURE_FLAGS) \
                --with-optimisation="" \
                --with-device-uid=0 \
                --with-device-gid=6 \
                --with-device-mode=0660 \
                --enable-applib \
                --enable-cmdlib \
                --enable-pkgconfig \
                --enable-readline \
                --enable-udev_sync \
                --with-clvmd=all \

vim debian/clvm.install


then run debuild -us -uc and use the new deb file produced.

Now I did not need locking_type 2 so I never used this library, I can't
verify that it works. Just wanted to add to this bug report and ping it so
it gets some attention.

I've been forced to build my own deb for cmirrord in clvm. Also a lot of
resource agents could be added for pacemaker. For example clvmd and

Where can one submit clvm deb file for review? I've been building a cluster
and have had to add many necessary things to clvm_2.02.66-5_amd64.deb to
get it working with pacemaker. Perhaps a clvm-common package is in order?

Hälsningar / Greetings

Stefan Midjich
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