Bug#684712: lvm2: automatically filter imsm and ddf formatted disks

Miquel van Smoorenburg miquels at debian.org
Wed Oct 17 20:51:37 UTC 2012

I submitted the patch to automatically filter disks with ddf and
imsm superblocks to the linux-lvm mailinglist. I got some helpful
comments and a patch review from Alasdair G Kergon. I rewrote
the patch based on the review, sent it to the mailinglist and
submitted it in the lvm2 (actually, redhat) bug tracker at

I'm sure this patch will be included in upstream in one of the
upcoming releases.

Attached is the debian version of the patch (v3).

Suggested changelog entry:

* lvm already filters disks that have a mdraid signature, now
  filter DDF and IMSM formatted disks as well - also see


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