Bug#684712: lvm2: automatically filter imsm and ddf formatted disks

Miquel van Smoorenburg miquels at debian.org
Wed Oct 31 15:37:31 UTC 2012

Hello, I was wondering if you are planning on uploading a new
version of the lvm2 package soon. I filed bug 684712, and I'd
like to see a lvm2 package with that patch included.

Background: I have a set of patches for the debian installer to
make it possible to install wheezy on a Intel Matrix RAID array.
However for that I need a fixed version of LVM2 that doesn't
by accident detect the VGs from a disk that has been kicked
out (for whatever reason) of a RAID1 array.

I also had patches for mdadm and parted, those have already
been applied (though mdadm is still in experimental).



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