redhat-cluster (and reverse dependencies) for wheezy

Julien Cristau jcristau at
Thu Jan 3 16:58:56 UTC 2013


the redhat-cluster package (and some other related ones) are in kind of
a mess at the moment due to
- newer upstream versions (with shlibs bumps) being uploaded to sid,
  that aren't suitable for wheezy at this stage
- lvm2 needing rc bug fixes and picking up dependencies on those new
  versions thanks to clvm

Because of this the lvm2 maintainer dropped the clvm binary package in
the last upload, meaning that redhat-cluster-suite is now uninstallable
in sid.  In order to sort that out, the easiest solution (for me) would
be to
- migrate the new lvm2 with its rc bug fixes to wheezy
- remove redhat-cluster, ocfs2-tools, qpid-cpp from wheezy

Another solution is to upload a redhat-cluster revision to tpu that
drops the redhat-cluster-suite binary package.

Is anyone willing to work on that second solution (or find yet another
one)?  If not I'll go ahead with the removal in about a week.

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