Bug#659762: happens to me too

Oskar Liljeblad oskar at osk.mine.nu
Tue Jan 15 12:19:38 UTC 2013

This happens to me too, in at least 50% of the cases (I have tried 4 times
so far). Here's my setup:

  2x300GB PV
  600GB VG
  500GB striped LV (2 stripes)
  lvm 2.02.95-4
  dmsetup 2:1.02.74-4

Here's what I do:

  lvcreate -i2 --size 100G --snapshot --name backup /dev/vg1/main
  # do some work
  lvremove /dev/vg1/backup

and I get the exact error as described above, including frozen I/O on the
original volume, /dev/vg1/main). If I do

  dmsetup resume /dev/mapper/vg1-main

the I/O is unfrozen and everything seems to work fine. (Thanks Chris.)

There's a lot of I/O activity on the original volume so perhaps that is
causing the error. The physical volumes are quite slow. I don't have two
snapshots, only one.

This is on a replicated production system, but it's mostly reproducable, so
perhaps I can try things out if you need me to.


Oskar Liljeblad (oskar at osk.mine.nu)

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