Bug#612402: Similar issue, system suddenly needs help to boot up

Yann Dirson ydirson at free.fr
Tue Jul 2 21:43:29 UTC 2013

I just got a similar problem, where my testing amd64 machine stopped
booting after I had to shut it down.  Previous boot had occured on May
22th, and quite a lot of packages were updated since that time,
including linux-image-3.2.0-4-amd64, which was the running kernel,
from 3.2.41-2 to 3.2.46-1.

As others described, I get a complain about a partition UUID not being
found, get dropped to an initramfs shell, and after manually running
"vgchange -ay" the boot does proceed fine.

Any hint about what to look for ?

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