Bug#791366: lvm2: lvs --unbuffered segfaults when using --select regex

Julius Seemayer debian at yeeer.net
Sat Jul 4 09:16:15 UTC 2015

--[ Alasdair G Kergon <agk at redhat.com> 2015-07-04 10:35:16 +0200 ]
> On Fri, Jul 03, 2015 at 11:50:39PM +0200, Julius Seemayer wrote:
> > Please tell me if/how I can help to further debug this issue.
> 1) People need to see the complete debug output from the failing command with
> -vvvv added.  That is what enables people to reproduce issues.

-vvvv output is attached to this message. Note that I moved the debugging over
to another host to avoid disclosure of internal paths etc.. The issue is still
reproducible in the very same manner.

> 2) There have been a lot of changes to the reporting code since that release,
> so the first thing is to try a recent release to see if the bug is already
> fixed upstream.

While  I  generally  agree  to  your  hint,  lvm2 in particular seems to be as
version  2.02.111-2.2  in  all  of  stable,  testing  and unstable. Since both
libdevmapper*  and  the  binary lvm2 administration tools should have the same
version in testing/unstable, I decided not to upgrade and test again.



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