Bug#787666: multipath-tools: discussion about devname of mpath[0-9]+ vs. mpath[a-z]+

Mauricio Faria de Oliveira mauricfo at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Jun 3 22:06:40 UTC 2015

Package: src:multipath-tools
Version: 0.5.0-7
Severity: wishlist

Hi Ritesh,

Regarding the option for Debian to stay on devnames like mpath[0-9]+
rather than that adopted upstream, mpath[a-z]+ (patch 0002)..

Do you mind explaining to me if there's any particular reasons for that?

Or how (un)likely is it to switch over to upstream? (I'd know of one
point, that is Jessie using the old number-suffix).

Another point is, if that doesn't change, is it possible in the mean
time to move patch 0002 to the end of the series, and add support for
alias_prefix [1], so to ease the addition of upstream/backport patches
(i.e., before the last patch in the series)?


[1] Add alias_prefix to get multipath names based on storage type
    commit b36393b528a28ea2f0777caabc28cf61ded27a13

Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
IBM Linux Technology Center

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