Bug#782400: multipath-tools: libmultipath: fix discovery of devices with empty rev sysfs attribute

Ritesh Raj Sarraf rrs at researchut.com
Wed May 27 18:10:03 UTC 2015

On Wednesday 22 April 2015 05:12 PM, Mauricio Faria de Oliveira wrote:
> Hey Ritesh,
> On 04/21/2015 10:23 AM, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
>> Is this been merged upstream ?
> No, I haven't seen any reply to it on dm-devel nor commits.
> I have the impression there's some delay between those 2 points.
Yeah. I'm not sure what the workflow Christoph has. I have submitted
some patches for kpartx, and haven't had any response.

> I just pinged Hannes on the mailing list, in case he has some time
> to check/acknowledge it, so we may have an idea if that's eventually
> going upstream or requires more changes, before including in Debian.
> Thanks!
OKay!! THanks. I'll put this one on hold then. The other one, is already
ready for Unstable.  And as I write, I'm also preparing the same for

Ritesh Raj Sarraf
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"Necessity is the mother of invention."

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