Bug#799781: device lock race condition between udev and multipathd may cause systemd to abort system boot

Baumgartner Niels, Bedag Niels.Baumgartner at bedag.ch
Mon Oct 5 11:35:50 UTC 2015

Hello Ritesh

> VGs in this case are:
> vg_system => 20 GiB
> vg_services => 1.0 TiB
> Is that correct ?


> And from the logs, it looks like these Physical Volumes were created on top of the SCSI devices ?

This is true for the PV in vg_system. This PV was created during installation and I didn't get debian installer to work with multipath (install disk-detect/multipath/enable=true didn't work), so I created it directly on a scsi device. I'm guessing you made this assumption based on the "Found duplicate PV" messages...?

The other PV in vg_services was, if I recall correctly, created on the multipath device-mapper device.

> The rule for stable updates is to have the same fix present upstream, and then in the Unstable repo. Neither of which is true in this case.

Ah, I understand now.
So how are we going to precede here?

If you're going to tell me, that you can't push this to stable, I'll put a working package on our internal mirror. I opened this bugreport because I feel like this should be fixed officially, so others don't run into the same issues.
It'd already be nice if the "[fd43c41] Drop udev rule to invoke multipath per path." Fix was pushed to stable, as it seems to resolve the boot issue. What are the rules for code in /debian, since there is no 'upstream' of this?

Regards, Niels

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