Bug#568838: errata corrige - resolved

Matteo Sgalaberni sgala at sgala.com
Mon Oct 24 16:17:15 UTC 2016

I created several VM to reproduce the issue and I found that is not related to this bug report!

My issue was related to a misconfigured device in /boot/grub/device.map

in device map there was:
(hd0)	/dev/sda

but my root device it's /dev/mapper/etc....

and this issue were propagated to lots of my server probably as these VM are cloned from the same source at the beginning...

Also I found that grub was complaining with that error during the apt-get upgrade:
/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: Couldn’t find PV pv1. Check your device.map

After fixing the device on device.map and a update-grub the system boot correctly.

I'm sorry for the false positive.

Best regards,


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