Modify for Debian defaults [was: Re: [Pkg-lyx-devel] Time to merge?]

Georg Baum gb at
Mon Jul 3 13:42:12 UTC 2006

Am Sonntag, 2. Juli 2006 20:00 schrieb Per Olofsson:
> Sven Hoexter:
> > IMHO we should not modify in any way.
> > We can not predict which of those tools listet in Recommends/Suggests
> > are avaible and which are not so it seems to be a good way to detect it
> > with this script.
> >
> > If it's really needed to set some sane defaults we should use
> > lyxrc.dist.

But they could be overwritten by

> I think that, if possible, we should specify programs to be used even
> if they are not available, as they might become available. How should
> the user know that he/she has to use the Reconfigure command each time
> a package that might be useful for LyX is installed?

Because that is written in the manual.

I know that the current behaviour is not optimal, but it will hopefully 
change soon. 1.4.2 will detect the system viewers and editors automatically 
at startup on OS X and windows and uses only for the 
converters. This does not yet work on unix, but we will hopefully fill this 
gap. I already made an attempt with my experimental kde frontend: may also be useful in the 

IMHO the best solution for now is to modify in such a way that 
the system editor, browser etc. is the first program in the list.


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