[Pkg-lyx-devel] Bug#316535: Screen DPI

Per Olofsson pelle at debian.org
Sun Jun 25 18:49:48 UTC 2006

Silas S. Brown:
> Per Olofsson writes:
> > The Screen DPI setting should probably be removed from
> > Preferences. LyX should always use the DPI given by X.
> That would make the problem worse.  What I
> actually want to do is get LyX to use my 20-pixel
> font for its on-screen text.  This is because the
> 20-pixel font is the most readable for me.  The
> pixel size is worked out by
> screen DPI * zoom setting / 720
> but only integer zoom settings are allowed, so
> if the screen DPI is not a divisor of 720*20
> then it's not possible to find a good zoom setting.
> Therefore, it's best if we can control the
> screen DPI from inside LyX, or else make it
> possible to have non-integer zoom settings or
> to choose pixel sizes directly.

Oh, I see. Thanks for your clarification.


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