[Pkg-lyx-devel] svn commit: r500 - /lyx/branches/upstream/current/

Per Olofsson pelle at dsv.su.se
Mon Jun 9 22:16:58 UTC 2008

Sven Hoexter wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 09, 2008 at 11:34:57PM +0200, Per Olofsson wrote:
> Hi Per,
>> Still, everything would be much easier and faster with git. git-buildpackage is
>> also much better documented, svn-buildpackage is weird IMO...
> If you've the time to organise it feel free to switch. I've a lot of non
> Debian/computer/IT stuff to learn in the next two month so I don't mind if
> you turn everything upside down now and sort it out if needed over a week or
> two.

OK. But I can convert it to git first so you can try it, we don't need to switch
directly. I haven't converted an svn repo to git before.

> The packaging itself is in quite a good state, bug count is low and beside
> switching to debhelper v7 I don't know what else should disrupt the silence.
> First glance at the new policy looked mostly harmless aswell. Looking at the
> new v3.0 quilt format would be interesting though but that's nothing relevant
> for lenny so this has to step back at least on my agenda for the moment.


> Catching up with the git basics shouldn't be too hard anyway I think. Maybe
> I've some time at work on Wednesday to read and play around with it. I mostly
> need some pressure to adapt new tools. :)

git used to be more complicated, but not so much now. You can read "Git-SVN
Crash Course" (http://git.or.cz/course/svn.html) when you have time, should get
you started. git-buildpackage is also very nice.


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