[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#466547: Bug#466547: mc should not hardcode w3c to view HTML files

Patrick Winnertz winnie at debian.org
Wed Feb 20 13:36:25 UTC 2008

Hello Michelle,

> I was realy surprised while installing Etch from scratch, to see that
> "w3c" is hardcoded in the mc.ext file which was previously "lynx" and
> on my systems installed since 9 years...
Mh... strange.. every line in mc.ext which contains w3m contains also the 
alternatives lynx and links... (At least in version 4.6.2~pre1-3).  So 
this should work without w3m installed. (How it looks in etch I don't know 
and I don't know if I can change there anything :S).

> Please can you use sensible-browser or something like this?
The problem is that sensible-browser would open a grafical one, which is 
not always wanted (e.g. if you only want to view it). 

	Open=run-mailcap text/html %f 2>&1 &
	#Open=(if test -n "" && test -n "$DISPLAY"; then ( file://%d/%p &) 1>&2; 
else links %f || lynx -force_html %f || ${PAGER:-more} %f; fi) 2>/dev/null
	View=%view{ascii} links -dump %f 2>/dev/null || w3m -dump %f 
2>/dev/null || lynx -dump -force_html %f

This is the mc.ext regex in mc.ext.. and it should use run-mailcap to find 
out what browser to use.. and in order to view it uses either links, w3m 
or lynx... only one of them should be installed.
So at least the version in unstable should not be affected.

> If you need ANY help, please let me know...
Help is always nice. Indeed there is plenty of things which should be 
sorted out soon. Since I lack the manpower to fix all of them now it would 
be cool if someone would help. if you are interested, feel free to contact 
me, then I'll add you the the pkg-mc project and you should have commit 
access to the svn repro.

Things which should be fixed before lenny is released:
 - the smb thing should be based at least on a newer samba release (the 
prefered way would be to link dynamically against the libsmbclient 
 - the new utf8-patches on the mc at gnome.org ML should be included (in order 
to replace our ones). This will cause many patches to be rewritten.
 - all our patches in debian/patches should be reviewed and submitted 
upstream so that they get included into the upstreams cvs.

Okay.. and of course.. try to fix as many normal/whishlist bugs in the BTS 
as possible in order to reduce the bug count there.

I think the most important thing would be to get the samba stuff working 
with a newer samba release (as this very old one maybe contains very many 
security issues...)

So if you still want to help, please feel free! I would like to see that  
someone other is also active on mc in debian, too!!


> Greetings
>     Michelle

 .''`.   Patrick Winnertz <winnie at debian.org>
:  :' :  GNU/Linux Debian Developer
`. `'`   http://www.der-winnie.de http://people.skolelinux.org/~winnie
  `-  Debian - when you have better things to do than fixing systems
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