[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#302540: could you please verify?

Andreas Tille tillea at rki.de
Mon Feb 25 22:11:55 UTC 2008

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008, Patrick Winnertz wrote:

>> Can we expect better UTF-8 support soon?
> mh.. version 5.0 of mc will contain utf8 support according to the
> upstream... but I really do not know when this version will be released...
> there is right now a very good utf8 patch on the mc-devel mailinglist and
> I think over including it into debian and replacing the old one with this
> patch.... but this would cause some more work than simply applying it
> (because the hughe set of patches against mc there will be _many_
> issues) :S

I perfectly imagine your problem.  It's just that I can not switch any
of my boxes to UTF-8 because I use mc every time and it just sucks in
encoding questions.

> Mh... are there important things? :) If yes please report them... or
> discuss them beforhand with me ;-)

Well, the uTF-8 issue is the most important one.
SOme smaller things like if you mistype your password in ftpfs you
have no other chance than leaving mc and trying again in another
instance.  Nothing really serious but sometimes it is just stupid.

> ATM I'll try to reduce the amount of bugs to something around ~20 open
> bugs... in order to get an overview of what have to be done.

You are my hero. ;-))

> I also work on several smaller fixes for mc (right now that folders with
> spaces or other things which should be escaped do not work correctly).

Is there no chance to ask upstream to release a version incorporating these
patches immediately?  Release early, release often ...

Kind regards


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