[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#305642: Bug#305642: mc: Directory changes should not appear in subshell command line history

Patrick Winnertz winnie at debian.org
Wed Jul 23 21:40:40 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 23 July 2008 22:39:29 Emmanuel PIERRE wrote:
> The subshell is not working anymore for me since this upgrade, executing
> in the subshell is always done on the user's HOME and not in the CWD I
> am browsing, very anoying and I need a quick correction or a way to go
> back to a previous version since I cannot use mc anymore...
Sorry.. I fail to understand you. What do you mean exactly?? Nothing has 
changed here in this bug report.. This was only a documentation bug. 

Furthermore If I execute ls on the command line in dir a I see the content of 
dir a and not the content of my home dir. 

So please try to explain a little better what is exaclty the problem here.

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