[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#359016: mc: Internal viewer/editor does not display 8-bit chars correctly

Milan Straka fox at ucw.cz
Mon Jun 2 02:03:57 UTC 2008


> I still have these problems with this version:

>  pool/main/m/mc/mc_4.6.2~git20080311-1_i386.deb

>  while using be_BY or be_BY.cp1251 locales (both use cp1251 charset) I
>  cannot see any Cyrillic in mcview.

With the same mc version I am experiencing the same problem.

My system locale is ISO-8859-2, the files are encoded in
ISO-8859-2, but mcview displays characters with code >= 128
corrupted in asciiview. Hexview in mcview works fine with
these charasters. Ctrl-T having no effect.

Mcedit works fine.

Milan Straka

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