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(new) mc-dbg_4.6.2~git20080311-2_i386.deb extra utils
midnight commander - a powerful file manager - debug package
 GNU Midnight Commander is a text-mode full-screen file manager. It
 uses a two panel interface and a subshell for command execution. It
 includes an internal editor with syntax highlighting and an internal
 viewer with support for binary files. Also included is Virtual
 Filesystem (VFS), that allows files on remote systems (e.g. FTP, SSH,
 SMB servers) and files inside archives to be manipulated like real files.
 This package contains debugging information for mc.
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Changes: mc (2:4.6.2~git20080311-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * Add debug package. Thanks to Baurzhan Ismagulov. (Closes: #472339)
  * Add 60_recode patch again. (Closes: #483112)
  * Add tty.patch to fix displaying problems. Thanks to Andrew O. Shadoura
    (Closes: #359016)
  * add patch with the result of the autogen.sh run.
    (Closes: #481539, #482761, #484759, #486569)
  * Added mail syntax. Thanks to Michelle Konzack. (Closes: #481651)
  * Add procmail syntax. Thanks to Michelle Konzack (Closes: #485475)
  * Add again run-mailcap calls in mc.ext. This gone lost during the
    reordering the patches in order to use quilt. (Closes: #485935)
  * Fix tar call in mc.ext (Closes: #381353)
  * Suggest dbview. Thanks to Daniel Hahler. (Closes: #486915)
  * Do not use internal editor per default. (Closes: #413258)
  * Fix regex patch supplied by Michal Pokrywka (Closes: #487611, #486676)
  * For those who read this changelog: There are very many unresolved bugs
    left in the BTS, it would be cool if someone who has some C coding
    experience would have a look on some and write patches. Thanks in advance.

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