[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#469251: what I'll do

A. Costa agcosta at gis.net
Fri Mar 7 04:24:47 UTC 2008

On Wed, 5 Mar 2008 11:25:06 +0100
Patrick Winnertz <winnie at debian.org> wrote:

> I think the color changing is intended by upstream in order to
> highlight tabs and spaces. 
> What is not normal is that the cursors vanishes in a gnome-terminal..
> this seems to be a gnome-terminal bug.

That accounts for two (blue/no cursor) out of three observed types of
terminal output.  Regarding the third:  suppose upstream intended a
blue cursor over tabs.  Logically it follows that any unchanging cursor
would be unintended; that is, a bug.

The cursors in 'uxterm', 'xfterm4', 'rxvt', and 'Eterm', are all
constant color.  I'd initially considered those "normal" -- would you say
the outputs of those are buggy?

Is it obvious what upstream intended?  Suppose upstream wanted a
constant cursor, and they habitually use 'Eterm' -- if so, they'd see a
constant cursor and wouldn't see any difference.

> Since I won't fix the color changing thing, as this is a new feature 
> provided from upstream and upstream won't change it I'll clone this
> bug, tag the mc one as wontfix and reassign the other one to
> gnome-terminal. If you would like to have this fixed, you have either
> to wait until there is no more important bug, or you'll have to
> provide a patch.
> Maybe you want to try what happens if you switch off the tabs to be 
> visible.. maybe then the cursor stays in one color.

I don't know how to switch off visible tabs from within 'mcedit', but
here's a one-liner to toggle '~/.mc/ini':

	export S="editor_visible_tabs=" ; if grep -q ${S}1 .mc/ini ; then  sed -i s/${S}1/${S}0/ .mc/ini ;  A=off ; else sed -i s/${S}0/${S}1/ .mc/ini ; A=on ; fi ; echo visible tabs $A

(Note to 'mcedit' users:  Don't use 'mcedit' on '~/.mc/ini', it
overwrites any changes.)

As you said, the cursor color remains constant with invisible tabs; it
only changes color on visible tabs.


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