[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#469251: wrong behaviour of gnome-terminalwith mcedit

A. Costa agcosta at gis.net
Wed Mar 19 05:47:36 UTC 2008

On Sun, 16 Mar 2008 23:24:53 +0100
Patrick Winnertz <winnie at debian.org> wrote:

> I would prefer to close this bugreport for mcedit, since this behaviour is 
> absolutly indended by upstream. Several terminals support this color 
> change (konsole, ... ) , and several does not (xterm, ...). 

Double checking what "this behavior" means...

	cursor over tab is:
	1) light blue on blue   (konsole)
	2) white on blue	(uxterm)
	3) both			(terminals vary, maybe it can't be helped)

So upstream 'mc' wanted #1, and settles for #3 if necessary.

Hope the Gnome Terminal bug works out.

Optional finesse:  it'd be nice, maybe for bug reports or documentation if we
had an 'echo' one liner that printed a minimal 'light blue on blue' text / cursor
combo, where maybe the user would hit enter return to normal, i.e.:

	/bin/echo -ne "$STRING" ; read x

That way any user could try it and instantly know what kind of terminal
they had.

Reading 'man console_codes', I know how to change colors:

	# one liner to show rainbow fortune over white background
	S=`fortune`   L=`echo $S | wc -w`  C="1;30 1;31 1;32 1;33 1;34 1;35 1;36 2;30 2;31 2;32 2;33 2;34 2;35 2;36 22;30 22;31 22;32 22;33 22;34 22;35 22;36" ; set $C $C $C $C $C $C ; for f in $S ; do /bin/echo -ne "\033[107;$1\155$f " ; shift ; done ; echo -e "\033[0\155"

...but haven't mastered cursors.

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