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Sun Jul 12 10:57:44 UTC 2009

Good Day=2C=20
Please Read.=20
My name is Mrs Mariam Sule=2C I'm the credit officer in International Credi=
t Bank Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.=20
I have a business proposal in the tune of $5.5m=2C (Five Million Five hundr=
ed Thousand only) after the successful transfer=3B we shall share in ratio =
of 40% for you and 60% for me.=20
Should you be interested=2C please contact me through my private email (mar=
iamsule at ) so we can commence on all arrangements and I Will give y=
ou more information on how we would handle this project.=20
Please treat this business with utmost confidentiality and send me the=20
Following information:=20
(1) Full names:=20
(2) Private phone number:=20
(3) Current residential address:=20
(4) Occupation:=20
(5) Age and Sex:=20
Kind Regards=2C=20
Mrs Mariam Sule.=20
Telephone  0022676-68-81-76=20
Note: Strictly reply through my private email account if interest is shown.=

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