[Pkg-mc-devel] Bug#520148: something like syntax.d for highlighting

стронни stronny at celestia.ru
Tue Mar 17 18:25:46 UTC 2009

Package: mc
Version: 2:4.6.2~git20080311-4
Severity: wishlist

Seems like there is no easy way to add some syntax files to mcedit, as
the only file it parses on startup is
/usr/share/mc/cedit/syntax/Syntax (or ~/.mc/cedit/Syntax, which is not
relevant here). So if some package wants to provide additional
highlighting definitions, the only way to do it is to patch that file,
which is not very nice I think.

So I suggest there should be a directory (say,
/usr/share/mc/cedit/syntax.d) where should reside all *.syntax files,
so if any package wants to add another, it just places it there and
mcedit will find it next time it starts.

It should not be hard to do I think.

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